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Rainbow Youth Alliance (RYA) provides twice monthly, adult-facilitated, peer-to-peer support group meetings for high school youth ages 13-18.



Rainbow Youth Alliance (RYA) held its first support meeting in March 2006. The group was conceived by Stephanie Kreps when her teenage son came out to her as gay.

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News and events

  • RYA Support Group Meeting June 16, 2019 3:45 pm

    RYA support group meetings are safe and affirming spaces for all youth to come connect, ask questions, and explore with others. Every meeting begins with reviewing the youth-created "Polychromatic Constitution" - a list of expectations to keep the space safe. Each youth is allowed time during the meeting to introduce themselves, identify gender pronouns of choice, and share any thoughts, questions, or ideas they may want. While time is there for everyone to talk, no one is forced. At RYA we want to make everyone feel welcomed and safe - so if you are more comfortable listening, that is what we encourage you do to. Snacks are always provided.

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